DragonPass continues to operate business as usual, however due to the ongoing global issue relating to Coronavirus and travel restrictions, please be aware that certain lounges, restaurants and spas offered by DragonPass may be suspended at short notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Read more


How do I get my membership?
Your membership is provided to you by your issuing bank. Please contact your issuing bank to find out whether you are entitled to a membership.

How do I enter the lounge?
You can enter the lounge by swiping your existing and eligible Visa card at the point of entry. At the point of entry, a lounge visit will be deducted from the number of available visits you have on your DragonPass Membership.

How do I know if I have enough visits on my card?
At the point of entry into the lounge the lounge staff will be able to check how many visits re left. Alternatively, if you download the DragonPass Dine and Travel Companion App and go to the ‘My Cards’ section of the app, you will be able to see the number of available visits.

What happens when I use all of my complimentary lounge visits?
Once you have used all the inclusive lounge visits, any visits made will be charged to your Visa card at a flat rate of $32 at point of entry into the lounge. This payment will be immediate and a receipt of the transaction will be provided by the lounge staff.

What happens if there is a problem upon entry/my card is not recognised?
If the event of any issues at the point of entry, you can call our 24 hour hotline on +86 (20) 3231 1919.

Can I take a guest in using one of my complimentary visits?
No, the complimentary lounge visits are to be used by the cardholder only. Each guest visit will be charged at $32.

How do I get my dining discount?
Before your bill comes, notify the staff in the restaurant or leisure venue and show them your DragonPass Dine and Travel Companion membership card within the DragonPass Dine and Travel Companion App to receive your discount.

How many people in my party are entitled to the discount from my card?
Your digital discount card may be used once per party in each venue in any 24 hour period.

Where can I use my membership?
You can find all the restaurants that are in the programme within the DragonPass Dine and Travel Companion App. Alternatively you can contact us to ask us any questions you have.

Is my choice limited to certain meals, services?
Every restaurant or leisure venue has different terms and conditions. Please refer to the mobile App for details on your chosen venue or speak to a member of staff on arrival.

Can I use my card 7 days a week?
Yes, you can use your card 7 days a week, once per venue within a 24 hour period.

Do you have a smart phone app and website?
Yes, DragonPass has the very latest app which details all the restaurants and leisure services available at the airports worldwide. Information is available 24 hours a day where you can find your chosen venues opening hours, menu and directions.

What happens if I am refused a discount on my DragonPass card?
As long as you have the relevant icon logo displayed on your membership card and your membership has not expired, you should receive your discount. If you have a problem please contact us via the contact us section of the app.

Who runs the programme?
The programme is run by DragonPass Company Limited.